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Term plans are currently in development and slight amendments may have been made. These will be updated on the website in due course. Updated MTP can be accessed in school.


Art allows pupils to express themselves, develop their curiosity and become critical thinkers. At Knights Primary, we teach art and design as a discreet subject and encourage pupils to work creatively across all subject areas. We aim to expose our pupils to the works of the world’s best artists from past and present so they can discover their own creativity and fulfil their potential. Pupils are taught a wide range of skills and techniques which they master over time through experimentation and working creatively. Staff have ambition for all students, regardless of their starting point and provide a wide-ranging curriculum supported by a dedicated art space. Pupils learn to use art as a form of self-expression and to confidently communicate their ideas and interpretations of the world around them. Pupils are taught about a wide range of arts, crafts and trades in order to broaden their horizons and raise their aspirations.


Design & Food Technology

At Knights Primary, pupils develop their curiosity, creativity and problem solving skills through our inspiring Design Technology curriculum. Pupils learn how design technology impacts all aspects of our lives and develop their critical thinking as future designers. Pupils design, make and evaluate purposeful, functional products that help them perceive themselves as empowered citizens in coming up with creative solutions to challenges linked to the world they live in. Pupils work individually and collaboratively to create and evaluate, becoming confident communicators as they explore their ideas. We believe cooking is a life skill and opportunities to learn culinary skills are taught discretely and cross-curricular opportunities are also encouraged. Children link their knowledge of food technology with PE, science and RSHE and understand that nutrition is pivotal to wellbeing.


Knights Primary Art & DT Overview

Art Progression Map

Design and Food Technology Progression Map

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