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Term plans are currently in development and slight amendments may have been made. These will be updated on the website in due course. Updated MTP can be accessed in school.


By inspiring curiosity and fascination in the world around us, we will create enthusiastic geographers. Pupils will investigate the local and global backdrops to their lives, developing tools of discovery and location which they’ll use in their old age, gaining cultural capital and becoming empowered citizens of our world. Through the study of geography, we develop a strong sense of place and scale, allowing pupils to become globally aware and understand how places change over time. By engaging pupils with a deeper learning of geographical concepts, they are encouraged to be independent with their enquiries and go on to apply their knowledge and skills as they grow and broaden their horizons. Through understanding of human processes, physical geography, and their interconnected nature; pupils are encouraged to participate actively in their community; contribute to solving environmental issues and communicating confidently with others about real world issues. This study of geographical issues supports the emotional and ethical development of students, while also allowing them to solve problems and show creativity and resourcefulness. 


Geography Overview

Geography Progression Map

Geography Medium Term Plan - Year 1

Geography Medium Term Plan - Year 2

Geography Medium Term Plan - Year 3

Geography Medium Term Plan - Year 4

Geography Medium Term Plan - Year 5

Geography Medium Term Plan - Year 6