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Knights Temple Grove

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Senior Leadership Team 

Mr J. Ofori | Principal 

Mr G. Gibson | Vice Principal

Mr T. Allmark | Assistant Principal 

Ms K. McDermott | SENDco

Early Years Team 

Ms E. Allison | Nursery Nurse / Reception Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms K. Holt | Nursery Support

Ms J. Clark | Reception Teacher

Ms L. Southard | Nursery Nurse

Key Stage One Team 

Ms S. Boakye | Year 1 Teacher and KS1 Lead / Phonics and PSHE Leader

Ms S. Roberts | Year 2 Teacher and Art & DT Leader

Mrs C. Thomas | Year 1 and Year 2 Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Lower Key Stage Two Team 

Mr T. Macdonald | Year 3 Teacher /  Science and MFL Leader

Ms Y. Vulela | Year 4 Teacher / Computing & RE Leader

Ms S. Islam | Year 3 and Year 4 Higher Level Teaching Assistant  

Upper Key Stage Two Team

Ms K. Montgomery | Year 5 Teacher / English Leader

Ms S. Roshier | Year 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms B. Ashby | Year 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Mr T. Allmark | Year 6 Teacher and Assistant Principal / Maths and KS2 Phase Leader  

Mr J. Jumbo | Year 6 Teacher / PE  and RE Leader

Ms E. Beale | Year 6 Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Administration Team 

Ms A. Cullum | Assistant Business Manager

Ms A. Langton | Receptionist and Administrator

Facilities Team

Mr R. Hughes | Site Manager

Midday supervisors Team

Ms B. Percival | Midday Supervisor 

Ms J. Murphy | Midday Supervisor


Office email: ktgadmin@haaf.org.uk