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At Knights Primary, we aim to foster a life-long love of music by providing our pupils with a variety of musical experiences. Through our high-quality music curriculum and dedicated music room, we aim to produce creativity, confidence, and self-expression. Pupils learn to perform using their voices and pitched and unpitched instruments. They confidently communicate their ideas through improvisation and composition, creating melodic and rhythmic phrases both individually and as part of a group. By learning a range of instruments, pupils recognise and use a range of musical notation.

Pupils develop their listening and appraisal skills to express their own ideas about music and identify increasingly complex musical features. Pupils learn about different influential composers from the past and present from different traditions and musical genres.

Music Progression Map

Knights Primary Music Curriculum Overview

Year 1 - Medium Term Plan

Year 2 - Medium Term Plan

Year 3 - Medium Term Plan

Year 4 - Medium Term Plan

Year 5 - Medium Term Plan

Year 6 - Medium Term Plan