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Uniform Sustainability Swap Shop

What is the Sustainability Swap Shop?

Year 5 took part in the Trust's Primary Dragon's Den challenge and decided the focus of their project would be to set up a uniform shop in school. The Sustainability Swap Shop encourages parents to exchange good-quality unwanted uniform for other donated items. 


Why have we set up a Sustainability Swap Shop?

The swap shop was chosen to solve two problems - saving money and saving the environment. 

Saving because we care. 

Lots of uniform often gets ripped or lost. Children in our school also grow quickly so parents are frequently having the pay for new uniform. This is an unwanted expense during a cost of living crisis. 

Did you know that up to 1.4 million school uniforms are thrown away or end up in landfill every year? Many of these could be reused. 

Our goal is that by this time next year, every pupil will be wearing the correct school uniform. All unwanted uniform will be donated to the Sustainability Swap Shop so the cost of uniform for parents is reduced. 

How to get involved