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Term plans are currently in development and slight amendments may have been made. These will be updated on the website in due course. Updated MTP can be accessed in school.


Our intention is that when children leave Knights Primary, they will do so with the knowledge, understanding and emotions to lead confident, healthy, and independent lives. We want children to broaden their horizons, have a belief in themselves and reach their true potential through hard work and perseverance. In an ever–changing world, it is important that they are aware, to an appropriate level, of several factors which will affect their world and that they learn how to deal with these. 

RSHE prepares children for the modern-day world and this is developed through our curriculum which is mainly underpinned by one of our drivers ‘empowered citizens’. Relationships and Sex Education enables our children to learn how to be safe, and to understand and develop healthy relationships, both now and into adulthood. Woven through the heart of our RSHE teaching, is a commitment to our values of, aspiration and achievement, personal responsibility, self-discipline, and mutual respect. Through engagement in a range of RSHE topics and activities, pupils are empowered to know themselves, make informed choices and confidently communicate their needs so they fulfilled and fruitful lives.   

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Changing Me - Year 1

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