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A very warm welcome!

We would like to introduce the Early Years Team at Knights Primary. Ms Hines is the Class Teacher, Mrs Allison is the Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Ms Holt is the Teaching Assistant. 

Our Early Years Foundation Stage - Every Child Ready to Learn 

At Knights Primary, we believe that our youngest learners deserve the best possible start to their education. We provide an exciting and engaging environment that motivates our children to be active in their learning, building resilience, perseverance and critical thinking. Children are encouraged to play, explore and thrive by building secure and safe relationships with their teachers, friends and wider school community. Developing confident communicators is at the heart of our work. Our rich learning environments encourage children to develop curiosity in the world around them. Our ambitious curriculum broadens children’s horizons by providing opportunities to engage in a range of experiences linked to a broad variety of topics. We believe that by giving our children strong foundations in early years, they will develop on to become global citizens and have a positive impact on the world around them.

 Our Early Years outcomes were above national again in Summer 2023! More children achieved a Good Level of Development compared to the national average for the second consecutive year. 


Your child's journey towards their Early Learning Goals...

The Early Learning Goals (ELGs) are the end of Reception Year statements that all children work towards and are assessed against. There are seven areas of Learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage, and these are divided into further categories to make up the 17 Early Learning Goals. 

Assessment of progress towards each of these goals is carried out through a range of formal and informal learning opportunities. The assessment of every child is done in partnership with parents who make contributions using Tapestry. 

Curriculum News for Parents and Carers

Each term a Curriculum Newsletter will give an overview of what your child will be learning about and can be viewed by clicking on the links below. 

Term 1
Curriculum Newsletters - Term 1

Term 2
Curriculum Newsletter - Term 2

Term 3


Term 4


Term 5


Term 6


A few notices and pointers that we would like you to know about Early Years:  

Within each Early Years classroom is a fully first aid trained member of staff.  If your child does have an injury then you will be told when you pick up, if it is a head injury or an injury of a serious nature you will be informed straight away by telephone.   

Please check that your mobile and email address are up to date as letters and notices are sent online.  

Fruit Time: 
Each day the children are provided with free fruit delivered to the school. They also have the option of water or milk. Each child is entitled to free milk until they are 5 years old.  Please let us know if your child has any allergies.  

Packed Lunch:  
Reception children are only entitled to universal free school meals till the end of Key Stage One.  To receive free lunches in Key Stage 2 then you must apply via the Local Authority.  You can give your child a packed lunch if you prefer. 

We try to promote healthy eating and would appreciate your support with this.  We cannot heat up children’s food due to health and safety.  The children need to have something main to eat such as a sandwich, pasta, rice, etc.  The children need to bring a drink to keep hydrated and make sure that they do not bring sweets or chocolate bars.  They can have a packet of low calorie crisps, under 100 calories, and we do encourage fruit.  

In each class, your child will be read with weekly. They will receive two books. One will be a picture book that they have chosen and the other book will be phonics based.  In the first term, the phonics book will be just pictures.  Pictures are an important cue for a young child learning to read.  The intention is for the child to tell a story or to talk about what they see.  We ask that you read with your child every day, and write about their experience in their reading record.  Children keep the same book for the whole week so that they can become familiar with the story.  We cannot send books home without a book bag.    

Messy Play: 
Early Years is a very busy and messy place! Do not be alarmed if your child comes home in paint or glitter.  We try to ensure that the children are having as much fun as possible.  With this in mind, we cook with the children once a week; this will be something as simple as decorating biscuits to making pizzas or scones.  For this to happen continuously we do ask for a cooking contribution which covers the costs of cooking and messy play ingredients. We ask for a £1 a week contribution from parents so this can go ahead. 

What has Reception been up to?