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Year 2 - Galahad Class

A very warm welcome to Year 2

In Year 2, children rapidly develop their confidence and resilience to tackle the challenges of the curriculum we offer to prepare them for their transition into Key Stage2.

Every child enjoys the opportunity to learn more about the world around them and to learn from significant people and events from the past. In Year 2, we stretch and challenge the children to begin to ask probing questions and develop skills to solve problems individually and with their peers. 

Our class teacher, Ms. Sumner is supported by Ms. Lane who is an HLTA with Art specialism. 

At the end of Year 2, pupils will confidently complete Key Stage 1 SATs assessments which help us ensure every child receives the support and challenge to enable them to fulfil their potential in the next stage of their education. 

Our core learning in Year 2

Phonics and Early Reading 

Pupils complete the Read Write Inc. phonics programme in Year 2 and progress to the RWI comprehension programme. The programme supports children's reading fluency and understanding of what they have read. In Year 2, we want children to use consistently use their retrieval skills (find it) and begin to make inferences (prove it). 

Home reading is a vital part of children's learning. We provide staged RWI books which match the child's assessed level in phonics before children have the chance to progress to more challenging short fiction and chapter books. We expect every child to read to an adult every night and for this to be recorded in their Reading Record. 

 18% of pupils in Year 2 achieved higher standard in reading in 2023 



We believe every child should master their understanding of mathematics. We use the White Rose Mastery resources to plan and deliver daily maths lessons. The approach ensures children build on prior knowledge to ensure a deeper conceptual understanding of maths is embedded. Children access their learning through concrete, pictorial and abstract representations and secure fluency in a range of skills which they can then apply in problem solving and reasoning tasks. 


Our writing curriculum allows pupils to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. Children are taught to use a wider range of punctuation and ambitious vocabulary. All writing tasks are inspired by the high-quality core texts that are taught each term. Three published outcomes are produced each term. 

Our Year 2 Curriculum

Magical Moments

Many memorable experiences help to bring learning to life at Knights Primary. These can be described as our Magical Moments and we pledge that all children experience the full range of opportunities as they journey through the school. These activities are part of our planned curriculum and enrich learning - providing challenge, cultural capital and inspiration. The Magical Moments form part of the Haberdashers' Advantage.

Curriculum News for Parents and Carers

Each term, a Curriculum Newsletter will give an overview of what your child will be learning about and can be viewed by clicking on the links below. 

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